Badger's Bakery offers a unique selection of handmade dollhouse food, accessories, and props for dolls - BJD, Blythe, American Girl and more! You can also spice your order up with some miniature food jewelry for yourself.

Most of my products are handmade to order within 7 business days from purchase. This might take a bit longer for larger orders.
Please keep in mind that Badger's Bakery is situated in Poland - international delivery might take up to 3 weeks.

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Miniatures and dolls are my job, hobby and passion. I work from a small workshop, drowning in materials and ideas for new props. Ever since I started making miniatures I wanted to give my creations a personal touch. I do my best to provide my customers with unusual, rare products and strive to keep my designs unique.

I especially enjoy custom orders and love hearing stories behind purchases. A cook wearing garlic earrings for a job interview, friend's favorite pizza flavor made into a custom charm, large set of food pieces for a medieval table - seeing how my craft gets put into use is the most inspiring part of creation.