NEAPOLITAN PIZZA Margherita Necklace, Food Miniature Jewelry, Foodie Gift


Handmade necklace featuring a miniature Neapolitan style pizza Margherita placed on a rustic wooden board. Standard toppings include fresh mozzarella and basil but I can customise them on request - feel free to contact me for a custom order!

This realistic pizza necklace is a fun and eye-catching accessory that will showcase your love for pizza or make a wonderful gift for a fellow pizza enthusiast.

Diameter: about 2.5cm (1 inch)
The pendant comes with a 50cm (20") bronze or stainless steel chain.

Each piece is handmade, the necklace you receive will be very similar but not identical to the one shown in the photo. Please read my Shipping and Returns info before ordering. Thank you!

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